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Name: Glenda Raquel Acosta Salgado

Location:El Sauce, Nicaragua (map)

Glenda was one of our students several years ago. She is very bright and talented, and we were heartbroken when she left school after her fourth year of secondary school to get married and have a baby. It seemed like Glenda was another statistic in terms of early pregnancy and lack of meaningful employment.

During a visit to El Sauce in December of 2016, Christa was overjoyed to run into Glenda and have a long conversation with her. Glenda is indeed married, with a beautiful little boy. And our conversation could not have been more wonderful. Glenda told Christa that she understood what the foundation was trying to do, and how it was trying to help. She understood the message that we are trying to pass along. In fact, she was so clear on what she had learned that she returned to high school, graduated, entered the university, and is now getting ready to start her second year of nursing school in February!

Christa and Meghan had dinner with Glenda and her husband Keyslor. We were both prepared to not like him at all (another boy who took away one of our girls!). But he turned out to be the sweetest young man, completely dedicated to his family and to his education, and to learning more English, which he speaks very well. He just graduated from the university, and is waiting to receive his “titulo” (kind of like his diploma). Unfortunately, he cannot find work in his field until he receives it, and that may be a year or more. So he is piecing together work wherever he can find it. Glenda works full time at a clothing store in town, and studies Saturdays. She is completely committed to finishing her schooling and getting a job as a nurse.

Glenda told us that she ran into Ana Regina, the first girl to receive a scholarship from the foundation. Ana Regina left school at 15, got married and has a baby as well. Glenda said she asked her why she didn’t go back to school and Ana said she couldn’t be bothered, since she now has a child. Glenda told her, “that’s exactly why you SHOULD go back to school.” Right on Glenda!

We are so proud of you for persevering, despite the challenges of trying to work full time, raise a child, live in a less than ideal situation (with a mother-in-law who is less than supportive), and having very few resources. So we include Glenda in our “Graduates” page, even though she did not technically graduate while still in our program. To us, she will always be a ONE girl! We wish you all the best the world has to offer.

Glenda December 20, 2016