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Cami and her Awards

The cost for many of these girls to go to school usually ranges from about $50 to $600 per year. Donations can be used for anything from simply a new pair of school shoes, to all tuition and fees, uniforms and supplies for the entire year.

Application Form
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Sponsorship – Applicants are usually nominated by someone who has met that student and knows of their need, character and qualifications—what we call the “sponsor.” This sponsor fills out our application and sends it to us for review. Recipients are chosen based on financial need, past academic performance and a statement they must write describing why they would like the receive the scholarship.

Local Contact – In addition, each recipient must have a local contact person with whom One New Education can work, and who can act as a liaison between the student and the foundation. Funds are provided directly to the school or the contact person, not the recipient or her immediate relatives. The contact and the sponsor can be the same person. Here are the main guidelines from our application form, please make sure you read all of the guidelines on the application:

  • Applicant must be between the ages of 5 and 17 (if older than 17, they must still be attending secondary school).
  • Applicant must be sponsored by someone who has met her and can answer to her need, character and qualifications.
  • Applicant must have a local contact with which ONE can discuss the applicant’s status, additional monetary needs, progress in school, etc. This person can be a friend; someone the sponsor has met who agrees to the task; or the sponsor him or herself. The contact must have either a phone or an email for communication, and they must be willing and trustworthy to handle money for the applicant. No monies will be given to the applicant or immediate family—all monies will be given to the school directly, or to the contact person to buy supplies, pay for tuition, etc.
  • Applicant must be in financial need. That is to say, without this help, she would not be attending school or would be in a school that will not provide a decent education.
  • Sponsor must be able to provide an estimate of the family income, including how many people live in the household and how many people are providing for that household.
  • Applicant must write a short statement about why she would like to receive this scholarship, and provide a copy of her last grade report.
  • An applicant can be sponsored for all of her educational needs (tuition, fees, supplies) or simply for the things she needs to attend school (shoes, supplies, uniform, etc.).
  • Sponsor must write a short statement about the character and need of the applicant, i.e. why are you sponsoring this particular girl? Be sure to include a description of how the funds will be used.
If you know of someone you’d like to sponsor for a scholarship, please download our application form and send it to us. And thank you!